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Why Are the Colors of Police Warning Lights Only Red and Blue?

Warning beacons for vehicles are very common in our daily lives. It exists in large cities, small cities, counties or towns. Wherever there are law enforcement agencies, there are LED warning lights, or wherever there are police cars, there are warning lights. Regarding this common existence, have you noticed why there are only two colors of LED warning lights - "red or blue".

In terms of color, red and blue are two of the three primary colors, and the light perception is more eye-catching. Red is the primary color in the warm color system and has a warning effect, while blue is the primary color in the cool color system, which is in sharp contrast with red, thus they can attract people's attention more.

1. Red warning beacons for vehicles

Red means prohibition, stop or fire, fire and danger. It will produce a strong sense of excitement and irritation in people's psychology, which can easily make people nervous, blood pressure increase, heartbeat and breathing speed up, thereby causing high alertness. As a LED warning light manufacturer, we often apply the color red into our products.

Red is often used in various kinds of LED warning lightbar, emergency stop handles on machines and vehicles, or parts of buttons that are forbidden to be touched by people, as well as fire-fighting vehicles and fire-fighting warning signs.

2. Blue warning beacons for vehicles

Blue indicates instructions, seriousness, and regulations that must be followed. Under the direct sunlight, this color appears bright, just like when we face the endless sea and look at the blue sky, we feel refreshed and happy.

Blue is used as a traffic sign, which will make the driver feel refreshed and energetic when driving, not easy to get tired, and improve safety and efficiency. Blue can also be used as warning beacons for vehicles.

As for the use of warning lights for police vehicles, vehicle warning lights are used to warn pedestrians to give way so that the police can take action. At the same time, they can also deter criminals.