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Emergency Vehicle Lights for Unmarked Use

Unmarked police cars are usually understated, painted a muted color and have dark windows. Anyone driving a vehicle like this will wonder if they've ever encountered an unmarked police car. But what kind of emergency light bars do unmarked police officers use? They can't fully use blinking blue and red LEDs from the start without giving up their cover. The lights must be well hidden but easy to turn on, install and remove when the time comes.

When an unmarked police car wants to remain inconspicuous 99% of the time, you can expect an unmarked police car to use things like dash lights, visor lights, stick lights, and grill lights, and then use emergency flashing LEDs alert pedestrians of their presence. These are the most common types of lights on unmarked cars.

Instrument lights are also used in emergency situations, which create high-visibility vehicle strobe lights to ensure the safety of first responders and other motorists. It's important to remember that not all kinds of lights are created equal. Comes in all shapes, sizes and models, as well as makes and wattages. All of these can affect how powerful and durable emergency lights are.

1. Emergency light bars: police car grille light

A police strobe light mounted on or next to a car grill is considered one of the best setups for a police car. On unmarked cars, it is more discreet to mount the lights behind the grille, or for law enforcement vehicles that do not require covering, expose the lights to the front of the car.

2. Emergency light bars: Dashboard light

Emergency instrument light setup is quick and easy and uses suction cups to mount the light. Many of these lights are powered by a cigarette lighter adapter and will work on any unmarked car. You can start using these lights right away, and they can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle if needed.

3. Emergency light bars: traffic directional light bar

All police vehicles should have lights installed around the vehicle to be as effective as possible. It may depend on the type of vehicle, but typically, emergency light bars are installed near the visor area, on top of the rear windshield, or on top of the rear deck. This adds light coverage to all conceivable areas. These railings are used when police need to temporarily block a lane or divert traffic in another direction. The directional stick can be mounted externally for easy roadside use and opening.