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Functions of Construction Site LED Warning Beacons

Construction site accidents often occur, and the cause of the accident is also very worrying, which is the lack of some essential construction LED warning beacons. So, what functions do LED warning beacons have?

The function of the construction LED warning beacons bar are as follows:

1. The LED warning beacons are small and portable

They can be easily attached to the top and sides of electrical equipment through strong magnetic planar adsorption which can also be installed with brackets and screws.

2. The construction LED warning beacons are made of high-quality ABS material

Safety lights for vehicles such as warning beacons for vehicles have the advantages of drop resistance, waterproof, dustproof, etc., suitable for different working environments.

3. High-brightness LED warning beacons patch lamp beads

They have dazzling light, good heat dissipation performance and long service life and the power consumption is about half of that of incandescent bulbs. There are four light-emitting modes for the warning beacons such as LED rotating beacon: sharp-flash, flash, rotating, and constant light, which produce a strong visual impact. The warning effect can switch the light-emitting mode according to different scenes.

4. A variety of warning voices in the LED warning beacons can be adjusted to meet different applications

The sound quality is clear, the sound is loud, and the transmission range is wide.

We are constantly innovating and developing new products every year. Once launched, we get good feedback. All items of our products meet ECE/SAE/RoHS/EMC standards to meet different market standards/regulations. The quality of all our vehicle safety lights is fully guaranteed. If necessary, please consult.