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Pilot Vehicle: Emergency Lights Escorting Vehicles!

Navigation car with caution light bar

What is a navigation car? It is a vehicle that drives in front of or behind a heavily loaded towing trailer and is equipped with caution light bars. These vehicles are sometimes referred to as flag cars or escort cars and are a specialized service. The navigation car driver is a professional who understands the safety issues involved in transporting wide-load tractors and trailers to specific destinations.

Safety requirements for navigation cars with caution light bars

Professional escort drivers must have reliable vehicles without mechanical malfunction. However, your personal car may not be able to qualify. Most navigation cars have basic safety equipment, including amber warning lights, emergency light bars, flags, extendable poles, CB radios, and emergency equipment that must be installed and carried in the vehicle. Therefore, unless you want your child to be embarrassed on the parent pick-up line, your driving car will not become a daily driver.

If escort drivers are stopped by law enforcement, they may be fined or summoned for not having appropriate equipment required by the jurisdiction.

What training do drivers need?

Some jurisdictions require drivers to be licensed to escort large quantities of cargo. It is important to note that not just anyone can get this type of license. Most local licenses require certification and training of the escort vehicle driver by a professional driving school. Some jurisdictions do not require certification of the driver of the driving car, but have other requirements.

Places that do require certification of these vehicles have strict requirements for equipment and training. To be certified, drivers must pass approved training courses, pass tests, and demonstrate that they have and understand the required safety equipment. Some jurisdictions require special insurance for pilot car drivers. Places that do not require driver certification may still require a driver's license to escort wide or heavy loads through an area.

Who can apply for pilot escort school?

Pilot driving schools are located all over the world. To be eligible for driving car training, the driver must be at least 18 years old. At an accredited training school, the driver will be introduced to the local driving car manual and learn about applicable regulations. After the training course, the driver must take a specialized driving test. Training courses and tests are critical for safety, as drivers rely on their training received in school, their emergency equipment, and their caution light bars to ensure their safety on the road.