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Different Use of Forklift Warning Lights with Different Colors

1. Green forklift warning light

Compared with strong light, green LED forklift warning lights are more visible under strong light conditions. Use LEDs to indicate safe areas around equipment such as forklifts, cranes and lifts to improve pedestrian safety.

The waterproof aluminum housing makes forklift flashers ideal for indoor or outdoor use. With the help of the magnetic bracket and the 150-degree vertical adjustment angle on the mounting bracket, installation becomes simple and easy.

2. Red forklift warning light

By illuminating the route that pedestrians need to stay behind when approaching both sides, the safety of forklifts and other machinery is improved.

Research shows that pedestrians hit by forklifts account for 36% of all forklift accidents. The red LED forklift beacon light helps reduce the chance of workers being hit or stepped on by the swing of the rear end of the slewing lift, and provide a safe area around other equipment such as scissor lifts.

Forklift warning lights are easy to install. This kind of safety lights for vehicles come with all the necessary hardware, which can be used to set a safe range for machines of any size.

Our company's R&D department is constantly innovating and developing new products every year. These new products get good feedback immediately when they are promoted, and all our products meet ECE/SAE/RoHS/EMC standards to meet different market standards/regulations. The quality of all our safety lights for vehicles is fully guaranteed.

Our laboratory is equipped with testing equipment for lumen test, aging test, ultraviolet test, high and low temperature, waterproof and vibration, to ensure high quality of mass production and fast delivery. If necessary, please consult.