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The Product Advantage of LED Warning Lightbar

Ⅰ. LED warning lightbars are widely used

At present, energy saving and environmental protection are getting more and more attention. Super bright LED replaces incandescent lamps. The advantages of LED warning lights are low power consumption, long service life, and can greatly improve the brightness, becoming the ideal light source for future traffic lights.

Ⅱ. Product advantages of LED warning lightbars

1. Good visibility

LED warning lightbars such as emergency strobe lights for cars can still maintain good visibility and performance indicators under harsh weather conditions such as light, rain, and dust. The light emitted by the LED is monochromatic light, and the light emitted by the LED is directional and has a certain divergence angle, which improves the light efficiency.

2. Power saving

The advantages of LED light source in terms of energy saving are very obvious. One of its obvious features is low energy consumption, which is very meaningful for the application of lamps. The LED warning lightbar has almost 100% excitation energy of visible light. In contrast, 80% energy of incandescent bulbs becomes heat loss, and only 20% becomes visible light.

3. Low heat energy

LED is directly replaced by electric energy as a light source, the heat generated is extremely low, and there is almost no heat. The cool appearance of the LED warning lightbar can prevent the maintenance personnel from getting burned, and can get a longer life.

4. Long life

The working environment of LED emergency lights for cars is relatively harsh, with severe cold and heat, sun and rain, so the reliability of the lamps is relatively high. Generally, the average life of LED is 50000h.

5. Fast response

Due to the important role of LED warning lightbars in urban traffic, many LED warning lightbars need to be updated every year.

The LED warning lightbars of Guangzhou Jinniuda Lighting Co., Ltd. are designed to meet people's warning needs. They have excellent performance and long life, and are worth your purchase!