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Lampshade and Circuit Board Wiring of LED Warning Lightbar

Ⅰ. Lampshade of LED warning lightbar

The polycarbonate LED lamp housing allows light to be transmitted transparently, and allows each individual LED to have its own shell and protective shell. If you buy brand new, thin diffused lenses again allow 90% clarity and purity. Polycarbonate is also easy to shape and undergo this adaptive process, with little loss of overall strength, which means it can be used in a wide range of complex potential lighting solutions.

The last stop to prevent impact damage is in the LED lampshade, if all other methods fail. This means that materials like this are substantial and valuable enough as a last resort (even in road traffic crashes) to prevent damage to your LED warning lightbar. Polycarbonate plastics are unsung heroes warning the reliability of light strips when emergency services may require police road mobility, or when police departments need to equip their vehicles with the strongest and most reliable equipment.

There are two different types of LED lamp lens housings in emergency vehicle lights:

1. Infrared lens

TIR lenses are known for shining direct light on all LED lights, making them ideal for spotlights. This wonderful invention sprouted in the mid-1990s. At that time, we usually feel the LED glow under the output of 120 degrees, which is not suitable for more focused lighting needs. The TIR (Total Internal Reflector) lens replicates the flashlight beam, providing a larger beam that is focused in a directly focused direction and allowing for longer distances and lighting intensity.

TIR cameras are usually popular with police departments because police cars need to immediately turn on their lights to help temporarily illuminate the crime scene at night in order to focus on a car or suspect, or to focus directly on traffic. Of course, this is not the only form of LED lamp lens that should be used, because there will be a variety of lighting requirements during its work. However, it is important that officers are equipped with TIR lenses, which they can confidently use to announce and maintain their presence on the road.

2. Linear lens

Linear lenses allow light sources to remove potential "hot spots", so they provide more uniform glow and are most suitable for floodlight and combination purposes. Take the previous police as an example, it allows the police to park the vehicle in a dark environment and ensures that other road users can see it from a variety of oncoming viewpoints and angles.

Of course, due to its diffusion, this means that although the linear lens is very useful, but it misses the concentrated power, thus unable to obtain the directional brightness of the equally powerful LED. To get the best results, you need to make a cohesive set of purchase decisions based on your most commonly used utilities, the vehicle real estate you use to arrange the installation, and the brand you choose.

Ⅱ. Circuit board wiring of warning lightbar

In many full-size 12v light strips, the circuit is linear and has an end-to-end connection, allowing cathodes and anodes to follow lengths that are chronologically ordered and easy to follow.

For many people who want to repair or consider maintaining their own light bars, this may be a convenience.

Of course, this usually means that according to the voltage of the LED warning strip, the voltage supply required to maintain the entire length of the LED strip will be a simple formula. In most cases, although rarely labeled, the cathode points vertically to the bulb and the anode points horizontally.

Most boards are connected to LED warning lightbars, and qualitative testing will ensure that all circuits are ready to work, but if not, it is important to submit your warranty options and see what can be done. The problem may mean that the connector is loose, the diode is burnt out, or the voltage is incorrect. In some cheaper aftermarket models, incorrect or uninstalled resistors may even lead to insufficient power.

In most practical applications, a little knowledge of LED wiring gives individuals the ability to repair and replace substandard LED, further improving the practicality of purchasing lamp strips.