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Characteristics and Applications of V16 Emergency Beacon Light

LED road safety emergency signal lights are a solution for any malfunctions or accidents that may occur while driving at night, such as in vehicles, cars, motorcycles, boats, or camping.

The amber flashing light and steady white light are suitable for maintenance lighting when vehicles break down at night, such as changing car tires or bicycle chains. The vehicle safety warning sign is generally placed 150 meters away from the rear direction of the vehicle, and not less than 50 meters on ordinary roads. During the day, on general city loops, the warning sign should be placed 50 meters behind the vehicle, while on highways, it should be placed 150 meters behind the vehicle.

  • The emergency beacon light is made of durable materials.

  • Consistent with V16. The emergency strobe lights for sale are smart and easy to manage.

  • Store it anywhere in your car or bring it anywhere you want.

  • IP55 certification can withstand various weather conditions.

  • Comes with 360° white steady light and amber flashing light.

  • Press the on/off button to change the flashing mode.

Characteristics of the V16 LED road safety emergency light SM821 emergency signal lights

  • Standard: V16 approved;

  • LED type: 12 LEDs;

  • Flash pattern: 2 modes: press 1 for emergency amber flashing light; press 2 for 360° white light;

  • Change mode: press the on/off button to change the flashing mode;

  • Voltage: with magnetic base and commercial 9V battery;

  • IP rating: IP55 waterproof rating.

Application of the V16 LED road safety emergency light SM821 emergency signal lights

  • The color of the emitting device must be "automobile yellow".

  • Illumination: The optical system must be designed to cover a horizontal field of view of 360 degrees and a vertical field of view of at least 8 degrees up and down.

  • Light intensity: The intensity must be between grade 0, ranging from 40 to 80 effective candles, and grade 8, with at least 25 candles. In both cases, the intensity must exceed the minimum requirements for at least 30 minutes.

  • Protection level IP: at least must be IP54.

  • Stability: The equipment must be designed to remain stable on a flat surface and not move in its least stable direction when exposed to a dynamic pressure of 180 Pa.

  • Flashing frequency: The flashing frequency must be between 0.8 and 2 Hertz.

  • The beacons for cars must remain operative at a temperature of minus 10℃.

The emergency beacon light plays an important role as a warning sign on the load! When a vehicle breaks down on the road, the emergency LED light placed 50 meters behind the vehicle can remind other drivers to slow down and help them safely pass. There are many benefits to having such a flashing light, such as in adverse weather conditions like fog and snow, it can alert other drivers and protect oneself.