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Different Tow Truck Emergency Lights Work Differently

If you drive a trailer, there's a good chance you'll share the road with a lot of other vehicles. If you are towing, you need to protect the vehicle being towed, keep your vehicle safe, and make sure other drivers and pedestrians can see what you are doing. Safety is always the number one priority for any road user, and having tow truck emergency lights on your vehicle, especially a yellow light bar, is a surefire way to make roads safer. Whether you're on the road or stopping by the side of the highway to help a stranded motorist, letting people know you're there can be very beneficial.

Trailers may be equipped with different types of emergency light bars to attract the attention of drivers, pedestrians and first responders. Here are some examples of the types of lights commonly used by trailer drivers:

1. Full-size LED strobe lightbar

The full-size LED trailer light bar emits a powerful beam of light that illuminates a wide area around the vehicle. LED strobe lightbars are great for towing, but they are also useful for drivers trying to load vehicles into trucks, securing stranded vehicles and alerting other drivers to obstacles in the road. The light bars come in a variety of sizes, and you can customize the settings to fit individual vehicles.

2. Dashboard and deck lighting for tow truck emergency lights

LED dashboard and deck lights are perfect for vehicles that operate at night. They provide additional lighting that not only makes roads safer, but also enables tow truck drivers to see what they are doing. If the light available is limited, this may hinder your ability to help others while putting your safety at risk.

Dashboard and deck lights are portable and versatile because they can be installed on almost any part of the truck.

3. Tow truck emergency lights: led grille strobe lights and surface mount lights

LED grille strobe lights and surface lights are very useful additions to your trailer lighting arsenal. Engineered to withstand harsh weather, these lights are durable enough to keep tow truck drivers working in even the harshest, most challenging and unpredictable conditions.

One of the most important uses of grille and surface lights is to warn other road users of a trailer on the side of the road. Safety is key when operating at night, and the use of grille and surface lights can help protect workers on the road and ensure other drivers know to avoid nearby areas.

If you're a tow truck driver, your day job may involve navigating everything from labyrinthine inner city lanes to desolate country lanes and everything in between. Whether you're towing a truck in heavy traffic during rush hour or trying to load a damaged vehicle onto a roadside truck on a windy, wet winter's day, there's no doubt that emergency lighting and your tow truck emergency lights make a difference. With the flashing beacon from your vehicle, you can make it easier for yourself to tackle challenges while making sure others know what you're doing and where you're going.