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Introduction of LED Full Size and Mini Emergency Light Bars

When you need to announce your presence on the road to divert traffic, improve safety or warn other drivers, LED emergency vehicle lights are an extraordinary tool, as long as you have permission or the item is approved to be installed on your vehicle. However, LED emergency vehicle lights are not an one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, it's worth doing some research before you buy it to make sure you can install it on your car.

Fortunately, we only provide the most reliable and customized products for all the uses you may have. In this regard, we will warmly recommend the following suggestions, and you can read the content to make the next purchase decision.

1. LED full-size emergency vehicle lights

When you need to use real power to announce your existence, the glowing LED light bar is your best choice.

The full-size lamp strip uses a heavy aluminum shell sealed with industrial-grade epoxy resin to provide powerful electroluminescence and can easily penetrate late night or thick fog.

The full-size light strips are most commonly installed on emergency service vehicles such as police cars and fire engines, but they can also be well installed on large trucks to improve their visibility. We offer Linear 1 lens and TIR options, which means that the long-term reliability of the lighting prevents fog or long-term yellowing due to frequent use. Of course, since they can be installed on your roof, we also ensure that our full-size light bars are fully functional and aerodynamic, which is a good search function no matter where you buy emergency vehicle lights.

Not only that, we also learn that directional lights will be poor without 360 °visibility support, especially when traffic is stopped at night. This means that the third-generation 1-watt and the fourth-generation 3-watt LED can provide dazzling lights around the vehicle and have enough floodlights to have an impact.

2. Mini emergency light bars

Mini emergency light bars provide all the functions of full-size light bars; of course, they are smaller.

This ensures that they are suitable for smaller vehicles and are easier to disassemble and install. Some vehicles suitable for mini light strips include personal trucks, SUV, emergency service vehicles and construction machinery. You can also use them for ATV and snow ploughs, where the weather is a more important consideration.

Of course, the mini emergency light strip is more compact, but it can easily illuminate the forward power of any vehicle. In addition, after installing one of these items, you will notice more color choices, which is useful for emergency service vehicles. The mini light strip can also save a lot of time because the magnetic accessories on the top of the vehicle allow immediate switching and maintenance of the lamp strip—it remains sturdy and in place even under pressure driving.