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LED Lighthead

SUMBEXAUTO LED grill mount strobe lighthead is highly popular, which are used for grille lights, deck lights, on side-view mirrors, bumpers, police vehicles and various other applications. Choose from either white and amber or blue and red lights. 19Flash strobe patterns can synchronize function among multiple light heads. 

The flexible installation of LED grill strobe light provides vehicles with direct light where is needed. Grille strobe lights are in most cases water-proof to prevent short circuits. Emergency grill lights apply durable materials to withstand all harsh conditions.  It is an ideal public safety light solution.

Emergency Led Grill Lights For Sale

Emergency Led Grill Lights can be seen in any direction even in clear daylight. Fully encapsulated and waterproof, all LED modules and flasher boards are epoxy coated, keeping them harmless from all weather conditions 3 watts each LED and 19Flashing  patterns. They can be synchronized to work together with many other LED modules. The size of these light heads allows them to be mounted in several locations such as grilles, bumpers, dash, and deck.

Emergency  LED Grill Lights Application

SMBX Emergency LED Grill Lights with high-quality LED chips, availabe3/4/6 LED with wide-angle of visibility and high-intensive strobe, brighter and more effective than standard Led Strobe Lights. having 19 selectable flash patterns, and a synchronization function. It can be seen at a greater distance. It is even visible during daytime conditions. It is a surface mount design, which will be easy to install and great for the postal cars, tow trucks, snow plow trucks, construction vehicles, ram, Tacoma, pickups, trucks, vans, trailers, emergency services, safety warnings, etc. Emergency LED Grill Lights to fit anywhere in the car for Rear step pad, side runner, front visor, rear visor, grilled lights Drive rear step pad.


How Do You Attach Grill Mount Strobe Lights to a Car?

  • The first tip is to disconnect the battery of your car or truck. As you’re going to be working with the electrical components of your vehicle, this is a necessary step and cannot be avoided.

  • Use a pencil to mark where you wish the unit to be positioned. Ensure that strobes are not positioned near any moving parts of the engine or vehicle body.

  • Drill holes into your pencil marks.

  • Place screws through the holes you have just drilled. Our kits come with all the necessary equipment supplied in the package. 

  • Connect the wires:

  • RED......To +VDC (fuse @3A)

  • BLACK......To Chassis Ground

  • YELLOW......Pattern Selector

  • To make light heads Sync, connect

  • The YELLOW wire of the even number of heads to the White wire of the odd number of heads.

  • Select the flash pattern, then apply.

  • Connect the vacated YELLOW (Master) momentarily apply to RED for one second to change the pattern.


Buy Grill Mounted Emergency Lights From SMBX

Grill Mounted Emergency Lights are becoming increasingly more popular. Options inside or outside your vehicle and deliver bright warning power day or night.   This amber-led strobe light has 19 flashing models, which will make your car more eye-catching. Low power consumption, quick instant start-up time. SMBX is a leader in the LED light bar market. We specialize in emergency vehicle lights and lighting for emergency response and utility vehicles. If you need high-quality LED lighting, you’re in the right place. We have options for every situation and can customize products to meet your needs.