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Are Strobe Lights Dangerous?

Ⅰ. Two types of strobe lights

The strobe of the strobe light is formed by the change of light and shade, usually divided into two types: one is the change frequency below 100Hz, at this time the naked eye can clearly see the light strobe; the other is the change frequency Above 100Hz, this kind of stroboscopic is usually invisible to the naked eye, and the stroboscopic discussed below refers to invisible stroboscopic.


Ⅱ. What are the dangers caused by strobe lights

Since LED dash strobe lights have the above two types of strobes, are strobe lights dangerous? Now let's talk about strobe lighting effects:

1. Strobe lights can cause vision loss

Studies have shown that the brightness stroboscopic of fluorescent lights and CRT display screens can affect the eye movement trajectory of people when reading text. In addition, some health examination reports have also found that visual impairment is caused by fluorescent light stroboscopic.

2. Strobe lights may induce migraine

According to research, the number of people who have headaches with high-frequency electronic ballast lamps is two times lower than that with 50Hz magnetic ballast fluorescent lamps. According to a report by the National Headache Foundation: "Many migraine patients are very sensitive to light, such as bright light and flickering. It is more likely to cause migraine. Slow flashing is usually more likely to cause migraine than fast flashing." "Some fluorescent lighting or flicker from TV or movie screens have similar effects."

3. Strobe lights can cause photosensitive epilepsy

People who are sensitive to light may have seizures even if they are exposed to visible light in the range of 3-70HZ for a short period of time. This may affect 1 in 4,000 people aged 5-24 years, and they usually start around puberty. 75% of the population will be sensitive to light for life.

4. Strobe lights make drivers distracted, and reducing work efficiency causes accidents

The periphery of the human eye's field of view is more sensitive to stroboscopic. For example, led flashing strobe lights or the rapid modulation produced by a car tail light will attract drivers to keep staring. And moving your eyes away in advance may be dangerous to the drivers or people and objects on the driving road.

So how do we distinguish whether the LED lights have stroboscopic light when buying? Just remember this trick: turn on the camera function of the phone, aim the lens at the light, and pay attention to the flicker on the screen, it is clear at a glance whether the strobe is severe.

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