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Things to Consider When Buying Emergency Lights for Trucks

When purchasing truck lights online (including truck emergency light bars), there are many things to consider before clicking the checkout button. Without considering all the factors associated with these products, you cannot be sure that you are getting what you need.

To make it easier to select truck lighting, we will review important factors including type, situation, color, legality, and usage.

Different types of truck emergency light bars

Do you know that there are many different types of truck lights? Do you think that only one or two types are suitable for this type of vehicle? Well, that's not true! Trucks have many different types of LED lights. The most popular types of truck lights include:

Dashboard lights

These lights are usually installed on the front dashboard inside the vehicle. They usually come with a cigarette lighter plug for quick installation.

Sun visor lights

For large vehicles that require a lot of large lighting output from the front of the vehicle but do not require a complete emergency light bar mounted on top, these lights are installed along the sun visor inside the vehicle.

Traffic advisor

These lights provide flashing modes to provide directional lighting for moving traffic around the vehicle. Highway patrol cars and construction trucks are the most likely to use these.

Grille and surface-mounted LEDs

Almost all trucks and construction vehicles use grille or surface-mounted lighting to add additional light around the vehicle. They are usually located behind the grille or on the truck bumper.

Light bars

Emergency light bars are the main component of almost all construction or emergency vehicles. The complete 360-degree light output ensures that you can see it in both day and night. Small LED light bars (such as mini LED light bars) come with magnetic installation brackets for easy installation.

Strobe lights

Strobe lights are usually found in hidden kits. These are usually installed in spaces around the headlights and taillights.

Bumper-mounted lights

Installing these on the rear of trucks or construction vehicles adds a little extra warning light power to an area that is often overlooked.

With so many emergency light bars to choose from, it can be confusing. At this point, it is necessary to consider the other factors mentioned above.

Situations in which special truck emergency light bars will be used

When we say emergency vehicle lights, most people think of police and fire departments. Emergency responders are one of the biggest users of this type of lighting, but they are not the only users. Many other professions use specialized truck lights, such as truck strobe light bars, including:

  • Security agencies;

  • Government vehicles;

  • Trailers;

  • Volunteer private vehicles;

  • Storm chasers;

  • School buses;

  • Official vehicles of funeral homes;

  • Certified vehicles of some private companies;

  • Pace cars;

  • Display vehicles;

  • Agricultural trucks.

Choosing the color of truck emergency light bars

There are five colors to choose from, including green, white, amber/yellow, blue, and red. Most of the emergency light bars, sun visor lights, strobe lights, and dashboard lights we sell have solid or combination colors of your choice. Other lights such as blue LED light bars, amber light bars or yellow light bars offer additional lights such as hidden kits or some flash tube kits used for trucks.