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Method of Installation of Warning Beacons for Vehicles

1. Installation method of warning beacons for vehicles

In different applications, the installation of the warning light is a bit different, but we can install it correctly if we know the principle. The following takes the installation of vehicle warning lights as an example:

1) Pay attention when installing warning beacons for vehicles. The LED vehicle safety lights are divided into positive and negative poles. The red wire is the positive pole, the black wire is the negative pole, the red wire is connected to the positive pole, and the black wire is connected to the negative pole. Connect the positive electrode first, then the negative electrode, and the positive and negative poles of the two cars must not be in contact. It's easy to distinguish the positive and negative poles. Just be careful.

2) In addition, you can also choose to install a LED emergency warning lights with a switch, you can try it if you need it.

There are also many ways to fix warning beacons for vehicles. Some are with magnets and can be directly attached to the car; some are screw-fixed and can be installed on many occasions; some are sticky and can be selected according to different needs.

2. Is it illegal to install warning beacons for vehicles?

In fact, this is not illegal. When it is foggy, it is possible to install a yellow fog warning light on the tail. For safety, current vehicles have double flashing lights, which can be turned on in fog or rain.