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Different Types of Fire Truck Warning Lights

Firefighters risk their lives every day to put out flames and protect homes and businesses, but they also take on a lot of extra work. Not only do modern firefighters have to hose down burning buildings, but job descriptions go far beyond traditional training.

Firefighters are trained to assist in operations such as assisting police officers and paramedics at the scene of a road traffic accident, managing toxic and hazardous materials, monitoring traffic and removing road debris. As a firefighter, you want to be confident that your vehicle has everything you need to do the job to the best of your ability. Equipping your fire truck with emergency lighting benefits both workers and the public.

A fire truck is primarily used to fight fires, but it must also serve a range of other purposes. This is why fire trucks come with a range of different emergency lighting options, and why volunteer firefighters are often keen to invest in different types of fire truck warning lights. Below are some of the most commonly used fire lights.

1. LED fire truck warning light bar

LED fire truck light strips are perfect for scenes that require a lot of light. If you're working in the dark, with low light, or caring for casualties in foggy weather, LED warning light strips will give you the power you need to work effectively. You can choose from a variety of sizes, and you can customize the light bar for different emergencies. Due to their size and power output, full-size light bars are generally recommended for fire trucks.

2. Fire truck led emergency grille lights and panel lights

The led emergency grille lights and surface lights are perfect for volunteer firefighters who may not want to drive around with visible warning lights on their PVO. With these portable flashes, you can decide when and where to use the lights, and when you're done with your shift, you can return to off-duty mode. LED emergency grille lights are also great for smaller auxiliary vehicles.

3. LED sun visor light bar

Led visor light bars often prove to be a useful addition to fire trucks. Sunshade lights can provide an extra light source to help an injured person or fan flames in the dark, but they can also be used as LED warning lights to manage traffic.

While this is largely the job of the police, firefighters may be called in to help deal with large-scale incidents, and they can provide additional assistance at the scene of an accident to help police keep other drivers safe.

The look and sound of the firetruck are unmistakable. If you see a firetruck in the distance, you know you need to get out of the way to let it pass or pass it with extra care. Emergency lights installed on fire trucks play a series of important roles.

Not only do LED warning lights protect the public and encourage caution, but they also enable firefighters to work in almost any environment imaginable. The nature of the job means that individuals may encounter extremely challenging environments, and emergency lights such as fire truck warning lights can maximize the chances of success.