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When Should Use Emergency Headlights

1. The importance of emergency lights

Emergency vehicle lights are lights that can only be turned on when encountering danger. Emergency lights are also called "double flash". When the car fails, or cannot drive normally, or after an accident, turn on the emergency lights to warn other vehicles, so as to achieve the role of vehicle owners and other drivers on the road to avoid safety.

2. Indiscriminate use of emergency lights has serious consequences

The original intention of emergency lights such as emergency vehicle visor lights is to remind and warn other vehicles, so as to achieve the purpose of personal safety of both parties, but if they are used indiscriminately regardless of the occasion, it will cause some very serious consequences.

For example, when driving at night, when using LED emergency vehicle lights, you must pay special attention to the occasion. During normal driving, double flashing is not possible, because after turning on the emergency lights, there will be a strong flashing effect, causing the drivers behind to be unable to accurately see the road traffic conditions ahead, and car rear-end accidents are easy to occur. At the same time, even if it does not lead to a car accident, it is also an illegal and immoral thing.

3. Under what circumstances can emergency lights be used

1. Encountered severe weather

In case of low visibility weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, sand dust, hail, etc., which cause the visibility to be less than 100 meters, then double flash should be turned on, and fog lights, low beam lights, position lights, and front and rear position lights should also be turned on .

2. When a breakdown occurs on the road or a traffic accident occurs, the emergency lights such as emergency grill lights should be turned on to remind passing vehicles. After a vehicle breaks down or stops in an accident on the expressway, points will be deducted if the lights are not used and warning signs are set up as required.

3. When towing a faulty motor vehicle, both the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle should turn on the hazard warning flashing lights to remind themselves that the vehicle is in an abnormal state.

4. When transporting critical patients, the emergency lights can be turned on and the horn should be sounded in time, so that passing vehicles and pedestrians can be reminded to pay attention to safety, and it will not delay the treatment of patients.

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