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The Size Selection of Emergency Light Bars

If you drive an emergency vehicle, you must make sure it is equipped with all functions. The key problem is emergency light bars.

In this article, we will learn about various LED emergency light bars. The vehicle type you own will determine the light size required.

1. Full size LED emergency light bars

A full-size LED emergency signal light bar will extend along the top of the emergency vehicle. The nature of the lighting determines that it is only suitable for relatively large cars.  For example, it's perfect for police cars, security vans or trucks.

If you have a small vehicle, then full-size LED emergency light bars are too big for it.

In addition, these LED emergency light bars are designed to make a statement. If you need something that glows in the dark, full-size light bars are the best for you. Our products can provide a variety of flash options, but this particular lighting is usually used to produce intense and almost dazzling lights.

Therefore, full size LED emergency lights are perfect if roadblocks are required or security protection at events or specific locations are needed. They are also good options for emergency vehicles that park for a long time.

2. LED mini emergency light bars

There are various sizes and shapes of mini led strobe light bars. Therefore, it is possible to find the best model for the vehicle.

This type of emergency vehicle light is usually installed outside the vehicle. Similarly, cars and trucks will have no problems using the product, and other vehicle types will also benefit from the mini emergency light bars. They are small enough to be installed on ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, compact cars, etc.

Such LED mini emergency light bars can be used for a variety of purposes. If you need to stop or chase another vehicle when you patrol in an emergency vehicle, you can use a mini LED emergency light bar to notify people of your intention. At the same time, they can be used with constant light beams. The mini emergency light bars can be very useful if you want to raise awareness or illuminate specific areas while driving.

Of course, we also provide different sizes. We firmly believe that emergency lights are the best choice for vehicles with limited installation space. If you need emergency lighting outside the vehicle, there is little room.

In addition to these two external lighting options, we also offer the emergency visor light bar that can be installed in the car. When you use emergency light bars, you'll find things that are ignored by others.

For this reason, the emergency light bars are specifically designed for emergency vehicles that often need to go undercover.