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LED Warning Light Bulbs and Precautions for Purchasing

Ⅰ. The bulb of the LED warning light bar

Do you know the bulbs of LED warning lights? The bulb of the LED warning light is a combination of a shock-proof incandescent bulb and elastic rubber shock-absorbing equipment.

The bulb life of the LED warning light is 50,000 hours, and it has the characteristics of high brightness, low current consumption, power saving and anti-vibration.

The bulbs of LED warning lights can be used in various environments, such as some road construction, risky sections, and accident-prone areas. In these occasions, LED warning lights can be used to remind people. But it is also necessary to distinguish LED warning lights according to the occasion of use, such as power supply, light intensity and so on.

The bulb of the LED warning light can be used in various environments, but you must choose the right one.

Ⅱ. What factors should be considered when choosing LED warning light bar?

When choosing the LED warning light bar, the following factors should be considered roughly according to the purpose of use and working environment.

1. According to the conditions required by the LED warning light bar: dark or bright;

2. The signal transmission distance is long, but good vision is required;

3. Service life. Even if the lifespan is short, it must have a certain effect; even if the price is higher, the lifespan is longer;

4. The surrounding environment. The surrounding environment is harsh (with strong vibration and impact) and the surrounding environment is relatively stable;

5. Convenient maintenance. Once the light source of the LED warning light bar is damaged, it will greatly affect the work or safety in progress, especially the LED warning lights for emergency vehicles. So the product should be convenient for maintenance.

Therefore, the surrounding environment is different and the products to be selected will be different. Generally, the following contents are considered: the purpose of use, the content of the signal, the surrounding environment, economy, maintenance and management convenience.

Our R&D department is constantly innovating and developing new products every year, and received good feedback as soon as they were launched. All items of our products meet ECE/SAE/RoHS/EMC standards, which can meet different market standards. The quality of all our vehicle safety lights is fully guaranteed. Our laboratory is equipped with lumen test, aging test, UV test, high and low temperature, waterproof, vibration and other testing equipment to ensure high quality of mass production and fast delivery. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult.