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Selection of the Mini Emergency Light Bars and the Full-size Emergency LED Strobe Lights

If you plan to install or upgrade your emergency lights, you will be glad to know that you have many options. Because we have a range of options in different shapes and sizes, but today, we will focus on the two most popular options: the mini emergency light bar and the full-size LED light bar.

Although they have the same purpose, they come in two distinct sizes and packaging. Although their functions are similar, they can be used in completely different scenarios, so they often affect your final purchase decision.

1. Mini emergency light bar is portable and movable

Because of their small size, the emergency mini led beacon are usually much cheaper, but they don't sacrifice their function because of the portability. However, they sacrifice the power because they simply can't accommodate so many bright LED, which is why you don't usually think of them as the police lights.

If you're just thinking about the power and brightness, it's obvious that you should choose a full-size Mini LED strobe bar with a permanent mounting base.If you pursue the function and portability, the smaller Mini emergency light bar may be a good choice.This is a good choice if your vehicle is often used for the personal purposes in addition to being an emergency vehicle.

With the mini LED flash bar, you can easily remove the light whenever you want to use it as a civil vehicle.However, if you receive a call and need your service in an emergency, you can quickly remove the lamp (which can be conveniently placed in your glove box) and put it on the roof.This is a great feature and one of the reasons why many part-time or volunteer emergency service operators use the mini LED light bars instead of the large fixed light bars.

The price is also much lower than the full-size light bar. Nevertheless, you can buy some more expensive mini light bars, which will provide the functions similar to the larger models, and some even have more than two rows of LED lights. Our mini light bar become very bright due to the number of the LED lights, and its magnetic support can still keep it stable.This is one of the most popular choices in our series because of its versatility and overall functionality.

We have a variety of mini emergency light bars that focus on the portability without reducing power. So if you are interested in a light bar that can be removed when not in use, please check our product selection of emergency strobe lights for sale.

2. Full size emergency LED flash lamp is more suitable for the professional vehicles

Next, let's take a look at our full-size LED light bar.These larger light bars are more suitable for the police led light bars and even the trailer light bars.

As the number of LED lights increases, these light bars become brighter.However, due to their large size, they are permanently installed on the roof of your emergency vehicle and are not removable.It will make them unpopular if you use your vehicles not just for the emergency services,so they are more suitable for professionals who can recognize it.

For example, if you want to equip a vehicle as part of a local police force or emergency service team, the full-size emergency LED flash such as the emergency signal lights will provide you with the extra motivation you need to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. These lights also go farther than the lights in the mini LED flash bar, which means they can be seen by the people around them without any blind spots.

This may be desirable if you are a large vehicle that needs to be seen when driving in a dense traffic area.This is also a good idea if you often operate the emergency service vehicle at night with low visibility, and it is also very suitable for the bad weather conditions.They are also waterproof like the similar products, so you don't have to worry about the damage that caused by their permanent installation on the roof of emergency vehicles.

In short, the full-size emergency LED strobe light is not really aimed at the part-time emergency service personnel or those who using the undercover vehicles. Instead, they are used for the vehicles that are only used for the emergency purposes which requires the strobe strips to attract the attention.Although it is not impossible to remove them after installation, it is impractical to take time to remove and install them.