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Choosing SMBX Amber Strobe Beacons Can Enhance Alerting Effect

1. Introduction to the composition of amber strobe beacon

The amber strobe beacon consists of a base, an LED or LEDs, and a top cover. The MCU controls the flashing method of the driver IC, which enables the amber strobe beacon to operate in various flashing modes.

The amber strobe beacon, a kind of car beacon light provides 360-degree lighting for fire rescue, police cars, snow plows, safety golf carts and trailers, and is available in a variety of styles and sizes.

2. Advantages of Kinnewa SM808HP P series thin LED strobe beacon

Guangzhou Jinniuda Lighting Co., Ltd. provides a complete SM808 P amber strobe beacon, which can be used in many different applications, such as agricultural tractors, construction excavators, snowplows, ordinary cars, airport buses, garbage trucks, warehouse forklifts. It is also equipped with a strobe beacon bracket, a 164mm height installation type with a single bolt, a 141mm height for magnetic installation with suction cups, and a 135mm height model for 3 bolts or magnetic purposes. For this series, it is suitable for R65 120 single flashes per minute. The rotating flash and strobe flash are set in each lamp, made of high-quality PC dome cover and top LED, which can provide a brighter light source.

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