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How to Choose the Right Warning Beacons for Vehicles

Ⅰ. The importance of the choice of warning beacons for vehicles

The selection of warning beacons for vehicles should be based on the situation or environment, and various suitability should be considered. How to choose warning beacons for vehicles correctly? After reading the following introduction, you will know how to choose a vehicle warning light suitable for your actual use.

Ⅱ. The choice of warning beacons for vehicles

1. The place where the vehicle warning light is used is strong or weak;

2. The signal transmission distance is long or close but requires good vision;

3. Even if the life span is short, this kind of safety lights for vehicles must be economical or even if there is a price burden, but the life span must be long;

4. Able to adapt to the harshness, vibration or impact of the surrounding environment;

5. Once the light source of the vehicle warning light is damaged, the light such as LED revolving beacon light will affect the work in progress and personal safety;

6. Convenience of product use and maintenance;

Therefore, according to the situation and surrounding environment, the products to be selected will be different, and the convenience and economy of maintenance should also be considered; generally, the following content should be considered when selecting warning beacons for vehicles:

① Purpose of use

② Transmission signal distance

③ Surrounding environment

④ Economy

⑤ Convenience of maintenance, protection and management

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