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Features and Precautions of LED Revolving Beacon Light

Ⅰ. Features of LED revolving beacon light

1. Light source

The LED revolving beacon light adopts an ultra-high-strength LED light-emitting tube. LED The power consumption and calorific value of the LED light source are low, and the service life is long without special maintenance. The light has a strong anti-interference capability. The LED revolving technology makes the warning effect more prominent.

The flash frequency can reach 120 times/min.

2. Installation

The revolving led light can be installed in two different ways: magnetic suction method and bolt fixed method. Users can select the installation method based on actual requirements. The various installation methods make the application of the LED warning lightbar wider.

3. Additional devices

LED warning light bars can work in harsh conditions.

4. Multiple voltage options

The LED revolving beacon light has a variety of specifications, and they can use DC power supply and AC power supply. You can connect the light with DC12V, DC24V, AC220V, and AC110V. There are available models for general civil or industrial use.

5. Materials and protection

The cover of the LED revolving beacon light is PC material, and the base adopts ABS material. The polymer material ensures the strong protective capability.

LED stroboscopic warning light has high visibility and no maintenance is required during use.

External rotating light cover maintains high brightness and the classic visual design at the same time. The built-in unique filter system can effectively diffuse LED lights.

The power consumption of the LED revolving vehicle warning beacons is about half of that of an incandescent bulb(100V/200V AC). The protection level is IP65. The multi-layer curved surround design of the LED warning lightbar ensures the even light and high brightness. There is no dead point and poor contact.

The continuous fast triple stroboscopic flash can produce strong visual impact and better warning effect. There are red, yellow, green and blue for selection.Scientific parabolic mirrors spread light farther. The rubber gasket can prevent rain and dust.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using LED warning lightbar

Lead the two power cables of the LED warning lightbar.

It is not necessary to consider the positive and negative terminals and colors when using AC power supply.

Connect the black power cable to the negative pole when using DC power supply.

The LED warning lightbar is an indoor general structure, so it can be installed arbitrarily indoors.

When using led warning lights outdoors, try to avoid rain and vertical installation.

Choose places with less moisture, dust, vibration and impact to install the product.

When the voltage used is much higher or much lower than the rated voltage, the service life of the product will be shortened, or the action of the product will be abnormal. The voltage used must be controlled to 5% above or below the rated voltage.

Users should pay special attention to the fact that when the LED warning car safety lights cover or the surface of the base is exposed to corrosive chemicals, it will damage the product, resulting in deformation or discoloration.

Avoid strong impact on the product, or it will cause a series of problems such as short circuit failure.

Do not stretch the exposed wires compulsively, which is one of the causes of product failure.