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Visor Lights for Emergency Vehicles of Different Colors

Red and blue are used for visor light LED emergency lights

All police forces, naval police, military police, air force police, and Australian Border Force vehicles use red and blue LED emergency lights. Red and blue are also used by all state and Australian defence force fire and ambulance services.

Red is used for visor light LED emergency lights

Red sun visor emergency lights indicate a life-threatening situation. Red goggles flashing lights were formerly used on fire trucks, ambulances, and non-emergency service motor vehicles before changing to red and blue.

Amber is used for visor light LED emergency lights

Amber or yellow sun visor warning lights are used by roadside rescue vehicles, safety patrol cars, tow trucks, road construction/maintenance vehicles, and most other multi-purpose vehicles. Amber goggles warning lights are also used on motor vehicles operating at airports and ports.

Green is used for visor light LED emergency lights

These are used to indicate a fixed ambulance, fire or police command vehicle. In some places, it is also used with amber goggles emergency lights on some state forest fire units. In addition, some municipal animal control units use green sun visor emergency lights and amber light combinations.

Blue is used for visor light LED emergency lights

Blue emergency LED visor lights are usually used for emergency motor vehicles such as police, fire, ambulances, state emergency services (except Queensland) and traffic commanders. Airport emergency vehicles also use blue sunshade lights to designate command vehicles.

White is used for visor light LED emergency lights

White sun visor emergency lights are used for most new emergency vehicles, both as an additional color on LED visor lights and as a "wig-wag" front light.

SUMBEXAUTO LED dashboard lights are sun visor emergency lights that can be installed on car window glass or on the back of the vehicle to provide additional warning. Windshield LED flashing lights and window flashing lights are also available for you to choose from. They can be easily installed on the inside of your windshield with a powerful suction cup. They are used in fire trucks, police cars, emergency services and commercial vehicles.

LED visor lights LED emergency lights are bright and affordable, making them the ideal choice for undercover or unmarked vehicles. The suction cup installation makes their LED sun visors easy to remove. Sun visor flashlights and sun visor flashing lights offer a variety of flash modes to choose from. If you are looking for dashboard/deck sun visor emergency lights, please do not hesitate to contact us.