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Several Factors Influencing the Heat Dissipation Performance of LED High Power Beacons

Ⅰ. The importance of heat dissipation of LED high-power beacon

LED high-power beacons are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but they tend to generate a lot of heat during actual operation. Once the heat cannot be discharged, excessive temperature may cause abnormal chip heat, light source degradation, and lamp life.

Ⅱ. Several factors affecting the heat dissipation performance of LED high-power beacons

1. Fin geometric parameters

Generally speaking, the change of the fin parameters of the LED high-power beacon, a kind of beacon lights for vehicles, will directly affect the heat dissipation performance, showing a positive correlation. Before reaching the rated value, the increase in the thickness, height, spacing, number, and length of the fins of the LED high-power beacon lamps will realize the improvement of heat dissipation efficiency.


2. Outside temperature

A large amount of heat will appear during the working process of LED high power beacon lights, and this heat needs to be discharged in time. Therefore, when the outside temperature and the temperature of the led high-power beacon light differ greatly, it is easy to discharge heat. When the temperature difference of the beacon light is small, it will affect the heat dissipation of the LED light.


3. Heat dissipation material   

The choice of heat dissipation materials for LED high-power beacons has a significant impact on heat dissipation. Generally, in natural conditions, using materials with good performance and good heat conduction for heat dissipation will have higher heat dissipation efficiency. For heat radiation heat dissipation methods, you need to choose special material.