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When is a Trailer Considered an Emergency Vehicle?

Whether you're driving a wrecker or another vehicle, it's good to know when they can be considered emergency vehicles. A question that many wonder, as it is different from traditional law enforcement or emergency services (police cars, fire trucks, etc.), it is good to know what LED stroboscopic lights they need and where they are allowed.

Amber is probably the most common color of led flashing lights for vehicles you see in the US, seen on vehicles assisting road clearing, broken down vehicles, garbage vehicles, HMRCs and service vehicles, they may only turn them on when they turn them on Either tow the truck or need to have an accident.

In this article, you can find out exactly when amber lights can be used, whether wreckers have right-of-way, laws and regulations, and the light packs we have to offer.

In short, when they're on the road for recovery or loading. To signal it was an emergency, they had to turn on the rotating car led warning lights. Remind other drivers that they are bright and can be seen from a distance.

High-intensity light is required, and it will attract the attention of others. This is especially important for those who are easily distracted while driving - such as from their cell phones. Making sure everyone stays safe, tow truck emergency lights can truly be lifesavers.

1. Do they need any other lights?

In addition to amber emergency lights, malfunctioning vehicles such as wreckers can also carry white lights — but only if they must illuminate the scene of a breakdown or accident. In order not to inconvenience other road users, they are usually used in amber light bars.

While some people have seen blue lights on these types of vehicles, by law they should only be on law enforcement vehicles. If you buy a blue light for a wrecker, you may run into legal issues - so stick to the amber (or yellow or red) warning lights that are required by your local law.

2. Do the wreckers have the right of way?

Unlike police and other law enforcement, tow trucks have no right of way, tow truck emergency lights do serve as a warning, but they don't need to take precedence over other vehicles. The trailer also does not need to have sirens or other signaling devices.

If you're a wrecker driver, it's important to understand these requirements - so you can comply with the law. Go carefully to the scene of an accident or breakdown where you can help people without overtaking or pulling others over so you can pass.

3. Is there any legislation regarding tow truck emergency lights?

If you plan to install LED stroboscopic lights on your wrecker, it's a good idea to know the legislation about it. The solution to this problem is to study the three main governing bodies - the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (also known as FMVSS), the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that regulate new trailers).