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What Will the Prospect for Fire Truck Warning Lights Be?

1. The advancement of fire truck warning light technology

With the continuous expansion of fire truck technology and design elements, and the continuous expansion of the safety factor and efficiency range of various departments of the country, there will be improvement in the aspects of the combination of warning lights and scene lights in a single lampshade of the fire truck warning lights, and the lighting lights occupying less space on the fire truck.

2. The development of fire truck lights

All major emergency vehicle lighting manufacturers are developing smaller fire truck warning lights that can be installed on the crash barrier on the side of the vehicle body. This creates a rigorous lighting solution that not only meets NFPA standards, but is also a more attractive option that may be widely accepted.

It is foreseeable that strobe signal light will become brighter, more efficient, and more resistant to high temperatures. It may be approaching the actual brightness limit of LED fire truck warning lights.

Communities and firefighters have begun to discuss concerns about the blinding effects of super LED fire truck lights on today's fire trucks, which may affect the NFPA's upper limit on the brightness of car beacon light, or require the use of dimming mode when warning lights are used at night.

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