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Low Dome LED Beacons

Low Dome Led Beacons are having the Super Mini size, and are used for outdoor vehicle warnings. It is an ideal safety device. Car beacon lights and emergency beacon lights are the most common applications. It can be equipped in trailers and towers, cars, roads, ships, etc. Magnetic, cone, and post base are available for your selection. 

Low dome led beacons are available in amber color and 12-volt beacon light or 24-volt beacon light or 10~110 volt beacon. Roof car beacon light is a well-established technology that offers reliability, durability led warning beacons for vehicles, and low acquisition cost. Waterproof, shock-resistant, potted circuit board. Low dome LED beacons play an important role in the automotive safety industry, making cars easier to identify when driving in the dark, which provides the utmost versatility, featuring multiple mounting options. Buy rotating beacons with long life and reliability from SUMBEXAUTO.

As a professional LED flashing beacon supplier & manufacturer, we provide low dome led beacons of high quality. The beacon light price of our LED emergency beacon is more affordable for most customers.