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What Are the Types of LED Beacon Lamps?

LED beacon lamps are used for warning in outdoor vehicles, making them the ideal safety device. The most common applications are in car beacon and emergency beacon lights, and they can be installed on trailers, towers, cars, roads, ships, and more. You can choose from magnetic, cone-shaped, or pillar-shaped bases.

LED beacon lamps come in amber, blue, red, or clear, as well as 12V or 24V beacon lights. Roof-mounted car beacon lights are a mature technology that provides vehicles with reliable, durable LED warning beacons at a low cost. The circuit board is waterproof, shock-resistant, and sealed. LED flashing beacons play an important role in the automotive safety industry, making it easier to identify vehicles driving in the dark.

So, what specific types of LED beacon lamps are there? Let's take a look together.

ECE R65 R10 LED beacon lamps

The SUMBEXAUTO P series LED amber flashing beacon light adopts super bright 39 LEDs; approved by ECE R65 ECE R10, CISPR25 Class 4; 3 flash modes: single flash, double flash, and rotation.

Flashing beacons are similar to rotating beacons but are more energy-efficient and have no moving parts, making them more reliable and less prone to damage.

ECE R65 R10 slim LED beacon lamps

The SUMBEXAUTO H series slim LED beacon lamps are made of high LED power; 8PCS x 3W has excellent visibility and is popular in vehicles in the agricultural, mining, trailer, utility, and construction industries; approved by ECE R65 ECE R10; 3 flash modes: single flash, double flash, and rotation; eye-catching color: orange/yellow flashing safety lights remind people to pay attention to danger or hazardous situations; compared to our high-power LED beacons, this low-key version is suitable for undercover vehicles.

ECE R65 R10 high-profile LED beacon lamps

The 16PCSX3W High Profile Beacon design ensures that your vehicle is visible from all angles and maximizes safety; approved by ECE R65 ECE R10; compared to the low-profile beacon, the high-profile beacon's intention is obvious in complex environments; 3 flash modes: single flash, double flash, and rotation.

ECE R65 R10 blue LED beacon lamps

The blue flashing warning beacon uses 8PCS x 3W and is specially designed for police or emergency vehicles; approved by ECE R65 ECE R10; 3 flash modes: single flash, double flash, and rotation; like other LED warning lights, it is more energy-efficient, brighter, and longer-lasting than halogen lights.

ECE R10 rotating LED beacon lamps

ECE R10 LED rotating beacons can be made into car brake lights, taillights, direction lights, instrument lights, indoor lights, and more. The rotating beacon can do one more thing than the flashing beacon, which is to provide a true rotating beam. Compared to incandescent bulbs, rotating lights have the advantages of shock resistance, energy conservation, and long life.

As an amber warning light, it is especially suitable for use in fog, rain, snow, and mud season and is ideal for emergency situations. It is suitable for fire trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles, work vehicles, sprinkler trucks, trucks, forklifts, construction, and agricultural vehicles, and more. They are well suited for a wide range of applications and can be easily integrated into a vehicle's existing lighting system. Amber beacons for sale can help equip your fleet of vehicles and improve the safety of drivers and workers on the road.

ECE R10 green LED beacon lamps

LED green flashing beacon lights play a unique role. Green safety lights are usually related to safety or, in some cases, related to safety. LED amber beacons encourage viewers to be cautious, slow down, or become more aware of the environment around them. However, the message being conveyed is that a crisis is being dealt with to ensure the audience's safety.

In addition to being used in cars, green LED beacons are sometimes used in construction applications.