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What Are the Advantages of LED Warning Lights?

I believe that we have seen LED warning lightbars in our daily lives, because this in some special circumstances, will be used in some special cars such as rescue trains or fire trucks and so on.

LED warning lightbars' main role is to give people a warning, so that these cars in special times, in the highway driving can better deal with the problem. Thiscan save a lot of time, to ensure that the problem can be solved in a timely manner in some places.

Because the LED warning lightbar is used in special occasions and institutions, the quality of the LED warning lightbars have strict requirements. So, what are the product advantages of LED warning lightbars? Let's have a look!

1. LED warning lightbars has good visibility 

LED warning lightbars in continuous light, rain, dust and other adverse weather conditions, but still maintain good visibility and performance indicators. LED light is monochromatic, LED light emitted with directional, and has a certain angle of divergence, improving the luminous efficiency.

2. LED warning lightbars can save electricity

LED light source in energy saving is very obvious, one of its significant features is the low energy consumption, which is very meaningful for the application of lamps and lanterns. LED warning light is almost 100%, LED excitation energy becomes visible light. In comparison, incandescent bulbs have 80% become heat loss and only 20% become visible light.

3. LED warning lightbars are of low heat energy

LED is directly from the electrical energy into the light source. The heat generated is extremely low, almost without heat. LED warning light cooled surface can avoid maintenance personnel burns, and can get a long service life.

4. LED warning lightbars have a long service life

The light's working environment is relatively harsh, cold and heat, sun and rain, and therefore the reliability of the lamps and lanterns requirements are high. General LED average service life is 50000h.

5. LED warning lightbars have fast response

The advantage of LED warning lightbars is the fast response time, thus reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. Due to the important role of LED traffic warning lights in urban traffic, every year a large number of LED warning lightbars need to be updated, for the entire LED industry will also produce a benign stimulus.

Did you understand the product advantages of LED warning lightbars? Lighting is the best way to achieve people's needs through the external connection to have the best experience. Our company's LED warning lightbars are designed to achieve people's needs, to achieve the requirements of lighting, but also a bright black sky side.

Our R&D department keeps innovating and developing new products every year, and we get good feedback once launched. All items of our products meet ECE/SAE/RoHS/EMC standards to meet different market standards/regulations. The quality of all our vehicle safety lights are fully guaranteed. If you have any need, please feel free to consult.