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What is the Optimal Light Strip Size for Our Emergency Vehicles?

If you drive an emergency vehicle, you must ensure that it is equipped with all the correct functions, so you will naturally have a lot of concerns, but one of the key problems is related to the lights of the emergency vehicle.

In this article, let's take a look at the various led emergency lights for cars that you can use. The type of the vehicle you own will determine what size of the light you need. This may be a bit confusing, so please allow us to explain to you the main factors that you need to consider before you buy it.

1. Full size LED emergency light

If a full-size LED light bar extends along the top of your emergency vehicle. This lighting nature means that it is only suitable for the  large cars. For example, it is very suitable for police cars, security cars or trucks.

If you have a smaller vehicle, such as the ATV or motorcycle, the full-size LED emergency lights are too big for you.It can't fit on anything, so if you choose it, you'll waste your money.

In addition, these LED emergency vehicle lights are mainly used for making the statements. If you need something that glows in the dark, the full-size light bar is your best choice, and our products also provide a variety of the flash options. But this special lighting usually produces the strong and almost dazzling lights.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice that if you need to set up the roadblocks or provide the safety protection in active places or the specific locations. This is a good choice for the emergency vehicles which will be parked for a long time. Do you really want to drive on the road with this huge flashing light!

2. LED mini emergency light bars

We have a smaller version that can be used on many different vehicles. Because there are many different sizes and shapes of the emergency mini led beacon, so you can find the one that  suits  your car most.

Generally, this type of the emergency vehicle lighting is located at the outside of the vehicle. Similarly, there will be no problem with the use of this product in the cars and trucks.

However, the mini emergency light bars can also be used for other types of vehicles.It is small enough to be installed on the ATV, motorcycle, scooter, small car, etc.

The mini led light bars which are very small are also more discrete than the full-size light bars, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.When you drive an emergency vehicle to patrol, if you need to stop or catch up with another vehicle, you can use the mini led strobe to inform others of your intention. At the same time, they can be used with a constant beam. This is useful if you want to increase the awareness or illuminate the specific areas while driving the vehicle.

Of course, we also have the different size options for you to choose from. We firmly believe that our mini emergency light bar is the best choice for the vehicles with the small installation space.

3. LED sun visor light strip

In addition to these two options of the exterior lighting, we also provide the led strobe lights and light strips that can be installed in your car.

You can find things that are difficult for anyone to notice if you use the sun visor led emergency lights. For this reason, it is specially designed for the emergency vehicles that often need to be undercover.If you don't want people to notice your vehicle, it will be a little difficult to drive with the LED emergency lights. You need to avoid the radar. So this is the use of these lights.

However, don't be confused by its smallness. These led sun visor strips still have a satisfactory strong light. There is a variety of blinking options of the LED sun visor light strips which allowing you to easily select the different blinking modes for the different scenes.Another benefit is that they can be easily installed and connected to the sun visor of your emergency vehicle.

Our customers have found that there are many usages of the emergency vehicle lighting. As we said, many people use them for the undercover work. However, they are also suitable for the individuals who use their private cars as the emergency vehicles. For example, it is supposed that if you run a personal security or a private detective agency, you can use your ordinary car to walk around and work. Well, you certainly don't want a light bar at the top. In this case, the LED sunshade light bar can work perfectly. They are also used for the traffic control and the private ambulances, etc.