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How to Select Warning Lights?

Ⅰ. The concept of warning beacons for vehicles

Warning beacons for vehicles are generally used to maintain road safety, and are usually used in the development of police cars, engineering vehicles, fire trucks, emergency vehicles, prevention management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, and mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, warning beacons can provide products of various lengths according to vehicle types and uses, and have a structure of lampshade combination. When needed, the lampshade on one side can be combined with composite colors.

Warning beacons for vehicles can be used in various occasions. They are lights that emit warning lights in one or several colors.

After years of development, warning lights have been widely used, serving dozens of industries such as electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, security, transportation, water treatment, food, packaging, construction, ports, and textiles.

Ⅱ. The choice of warning beacons for vehicles

The purchase of warning lights such as visor warning lights should be based on the situation or environment, and various suitability should be considered. How to choose the warning light correctly? After reading the following introduction, you will know how to choose a warning light suitable for practical purposes.

1. The situation where the light is strong or weak in the place where the warning light is used;

2. Long-distance signal transmission and short-distance situations that require good visibility;

3. The photoelectric conversion efficiency is very high, which is an energy-saving and long-life lamp type;

4. The surrounding environment is safer when the surrounding environment is bad or vibrated, and the impact of the light such as led high power beacon is strong;

5. Once the light source (bulb) of the warning light is damaged, it will greatly affect the work in progress or the safety situation and the situation with little impact;

6. Convenience of product use and maintenance.

Therefore, according to the situation and surrounding environment, the products to be selected will be different, and the convenience and economy of maintenance should also be considered; generally, the following content should be considered when selecting a warning light:

① Purpose of use; ② Signal transmission distance; ③ Surrounding environment; ④ Economical; ⑤ Convenience of maintenance, protection and management.