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Hard Mounting and Magnetic Bracket of Warning Lightbar

Ⅰ. Hard installation of the warning lightbar

Hard installation includes surface brackets, internal installation and protected bracket clips that are clamped, screwed, or hooked to some platform, allowing a degree of control. This may take a little time to adjust, replace or remove, but hard mounting is usually a good way to ensure further stability, especially when used on led warning lightbar.

To better demonstrate this, we will take another example. Emergency service vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks may need immediate lighting in a certain direction when parked in difficult conditions. In this case, their car may experience a few knocks. Even a slight offset or an unstable platform can cause the light bar unable to be fully functional, to the point that it could hinder the work of the authorities.

Another benefit of hard mounting is the ability to absorb bumpy shocks, such as in off-road applications. This prevents impacts from being absorbed by the LED lighting, and they keep your path illuminated even in the most dangerous off-road situations. It is for this reason that rally drivers, ice road truckers and many other off-road specialists use hard brackets in their off-road light bars.

Another benefit is that when it is hard mounted, it is very difficult for someone to remove light bar from your vehicle. Warning lightbar is valuable items with a wide range of practical uses, so unfortunately they can be the target of thieves and malicious individuals. This means that with a secure installation on your vehicle, it will be difficult to get stolen.

Of course, this also means that the vehicle is equipped with vehicle safety lighting products until it is removed otherwise. This can take time and effort to reconnect and repeat endlessly depending on your needs. But for protection and the management of the light bar, it's a great option, and often the most default option available among products.

Ⅱ. Magnetic bracket of the warning lightbar

Mini light bars or light bars with a variety of practical uses can be easily attached with magnetic mounts. The magnetic bracket allows the light bar to be magnetized to your vehicle.

Note that, as mentioned above, you pay for this flexibility, but the lack of safety, some of the larger lights may not be able to handle their weight if not fully mounted, and these mounts are not often used in police cars on the caution light bar.

For the mini led beacon, this may be a wise choice in scheduled situations, such as night fishing, where lighting needs may vary, or even as a backup installation option if your previous lighting solution fails .

You also probably don't want to hamper the car's visual range by fitting a large mount for the light bar if it's only used occasionally, so for many, this can provide a neat alternative. Before making a decision, it's best to weigh your light bar's possible use, your installation requirements, and your vehicle's actual allowance.