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Can Car Halogen Lamps Be Replaced by LED Lights

1. The development of LED lights

The light energy utilization rate of traditional halogen lamps is extremely low, and the low efficiency of the light source will also cause heat dissipation problems. In addition, halogen lamps also have short life span and high cost.

The global automotive traditional light source lighting accounts for about 10% of the total output of the entire lighting source, so the automotive market is the most promising LED lighting segment. At present, LEDs have been applied to the interior and exterior of automobiles, especially in the interior lighting of automobiles. The application of color LEDs has been very mature. The exterior of automobiles is mainly composed of combined LED tail lights, such as brake lights, turn lights, and parking lights. And safety car light bar can also be seen in the market.

2. How to replace car lights with LED lights

The brightness of LED is high, and the attenuation of light brightness is much lower than that of halogen lamps. LED light such as LED high power beacon is suitable for lighting and brake lights, making travel lighting safer. At this time, the owner may involuntarily ask, "Can I change the lights to LEDs?"

The answer is yes, here is how to replace car lights with LED lights:

1) First choose the LED light that matches your car

Some cars use H9 for high beam (High Beam), and H11 for low beam (Low Beam) and fog light (Fog Light). However, every car may be different, so remember to check first

Understand the difference in the color temperature of LED lights including car beacon light. When you make a selection, you will find words similar to 6000K or 8000K, which is the color temperature of the LED.

2) Turn off the car, open the hood, and look for the positions of the high beam and low beam. Generally, their positions are easy to find, and no special tools are needed. Then unscrew the old light and replace it with a new LED light.

3) Restart the vehicle, turn on the flash and check, you will obviously find that the LED lighting effect is still very obvious.