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What Are the Types of ​LED Strobe Lightbars?

1. Grill mount strobe lights for automobiles

As the name implies, these lights can be installed on the grille of your vehicle. And this allows people to see the oncoming traffic and illuminate the road for the drivers. The grill mounted strobe lights are quite large to ensure more light coverage.

2. LED strobe lightbars installed inside the car

LED strobe lightbars installed inside the car can be removed, which means they are very suitable for dual-use vehicles. Sometimes automobiles with LED strobe lightbars can be used as emergency vehicles, and sometimes they can be used for general driving. Therefore, if you are only looking for emergency lights that can be used in very few cases, then this is the type of strobe lights that you should consider. These LED strobe lights are friendly, durable, and very powerful.

3. LED strobe lightbars for automobiles

It is undeniable that the LED strobe light is very popular When it comes to emergency vehicles and emergencies. These full-size poles usually cover all the tops of your vehicle, or at least most of them. This ensures complete coverage, making these lamps very effective. There are many different flash modes of these lights that can be used, and they are very powerful and can attract the attention of anyone nearby easily, if you need to use the 360 degrees light mode, these light bars will be ideal.

4. LED dash strobe lights for automobiles

The dash strobe lights are excellent in terms of the service life and the high power. They can be mounted on many different surfaces of the vehicle. They also have bulbs that can be used for more than 50000 hours, so you don't have to worry that these lights will go out soon.

5. LED visor light bars for automobiles

Another popular LED strobe light that can be used in vehicles today is the visor light bars. These lamps are one of the easiest types to install.

Our R & D department is constantly innovating and developing new products every year. Once launched, we get good feedback. All our emergency LED flash projects to meet the ECE / SAE / RoHS / EMC standards to meet the different market standards. The quality of all our safety lights for vehicles is fully guaranteed.

There is a lumen test, aging test, UV test, high and low temperature, waterproof, vibration, and other testing equipment in the laboratory, which can ensure the high quality of the mass-produced and fast delivered goods.

We are proud to have a well-trained and high-quality QC team. They implement strict quality control over the raw materials, the semi-finished products, the finished products, and the detailed packaging. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.