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What Are the Colors of the Warning Light for Special Vehicles?

Ⅰ. The color of fire truck warning lights

Fire truck warning lights are generally all red, but in practice, the color of fire truck warning lights is not completely fixed, and there are also lights with half red and blue similar to police cars.

Ⅱ. The use of vehicle warning lamps for special vehicles has the following unwritten regulations on colors:

1. Special vehicles of the Department of Public Security, Prosecution and Justice use red and blue flashing warning beacons for vehicles.

2. Use all-blue warning beacons for ambulances and blood collection vehicles.

3. Urban management uses yellow and blue LED emergency warning lights.

4. Special vehicles for road administration use red, yellow and blue warning lights.

5. Special vehicles such as engineering vehicles, snowplows, sprinklers, fecal suction trucks, road rescue vehicles, wreckers, sanitation vehicles, school buses and other special vehicles use all-yellow warning lights.

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