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Do You Know How to Use Safety Flashing Lights for Vehicles?

The full name of the emergency flasher is hazard warning light, which is one of the signal lights on vehicles. It is a strobe beacon light used to remind other vehicles and pedestrians that this vehicle encounters a special situation.

The application scope of the emergency flasher is strictly controlled. Abusing or not using the emergency flasher could result in a fine. The misuse of emergency flashers may mislead others and it is unsafe. Therefore, we must understand the proper time to use the emergency flasher.

1. Use strobe beacon lights for the temporary shutdown

Temporary roadside parking is common in daily life, but it is very easy to neglect the safety problem. When something wrong happened to the vehicle and the vehicle stops at the roadside temporarily, the driver should not only place the emergency visor warning lights in the distance of 200 meters but also turn on the safety flashing lights to inform other cars behind the status of the vehicle in time, so as to avoid unnecessary traffic accidents.

There is also the possibility of penalty points and fines if drivers don’t turn on the safety flashing lights for vehicles.

2. Use strobe beacon lights when the visibility is low on the highway

When a vehicle runs on the highway and encounters fog, rain, snow, dust, hail, and other bad weather with visibility less than 100 meters, it should turn on fog lights, low beam lights, profile lights, front and rear position lights, and hazard warning lights. The speed should not exceed 40Km/h. You should keep at least 50 meters away from the vehicle in front of you in the same lane.

3. Motorcade can use strobe beacon lights with the permission of traffic police department

It must be noted that only the motorcade permitted by the traffic police department can use the safety police led grill lights for vehicles in driving.

For the motorcade that is not permitted by the traffic police, it is forbidden by law to use the safety flashing lights for vehicles on the road.

4. Use strobe beacon lights when towing failed vehicles

When towing a faulty motor vehicle, both the tractor and the towed vehicle shall turn on the safety flashing lights. It can remind others that the car is in an abnormal condition, and they should timely avoid it.

Drivers should master the correct use of automotive lighting, abandon bad habits, as well as keep safe and civilized driving!

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