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What Are the New Features of Fire Truck Warning Lights?

1. The characteristic development of fire truck warning lights

Nowadays, due to the continuous advancement of LED safety light technology, the fire truck lights used as warning signals during road traffic and parking have reached a new level in terms of reliability, efficiency and power output.

For firefighters, the latest trends and advancements in technology mean new demands for fire truck warning lights. They need those fire truck warning lights systems that can achieve a longer service life while meeting the fire brigade’s equipment, service, and budget requirements.

2. Fire truck warning lights have a wider range of options

Fire truck owners now have the opportunity to choose lighting based on departmental preferences and customize lighting options for fire trucks. SUMBEX is a professional LED warning light manufacturer. In fact, when configuring fire truck warning lights, there seem to be countless options available, including the color, size, shape, depth and installation style of fire truck warning lights.

About 20 years ago, the fire truck warning lightbar was equipped with LED beacons for vehicles (light emitting diode technology) that seemed safer, more attractive, and more eye-catching. For the first time, the new lighting trend caused fire truck light manufacturers and firefighters.

Over the years, LED safety light products have continued to develop. Today, the lighting efficiency they produce has increased by about 90%, and the final cost is lower than traditional light bulbs.