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Safety Warning Lights in Forklift Safety Management

Safety forklift warning lights are used in many places, factory safety, construction site safety, parking lot safety warning, equipment safety, ship safety, etc. Where there are people, safety forklift warning lights are indispensable.

Safety forklift warning lights are applied in forklift safety management. Nowadays, many forklifts are indispensable but improper or illegal use of forklift becomes a dangerous tool. Forklift safety accident prevention starts from installing safety forklift warning lights, and forklift drivers should also be strengthened to regulate their operation to avoid accidents.

Ⅰ. Safe forklift warning lights

The forklift trucks should be equipped with the forklift warning light with sufficient volume, so that they can give out sound and light warnings to remind the surrounding operators during forklift operations.

The forklift warning light is easy to install and operate, and the alarm is activated. Through the sound and light operation at the same time, a dazzling light and an ear-splitting alarm sound and voice prompt are issued, which brings a double impact of hearing and vision and plays a very good warning role, and is an important equipment for personal safety protection and safe operation of equipment.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of forklift warning light?

1. The forklift warning light has rich functions and high cost performance. A variety of factory built-in tones, the tone can be adjusted according to the actual needs; adjustable volume; support personalized exclusive voice and alarm tone.

2. Forklift warning light has decibel sound level; the sound is very soft and suitable for the field environment; superior anti-interference performance can greatly improve the scope of application of the product.

3. The appearance of the forklift warning light is delicate, with new open-mold design and high quality PC material; its IP65 protection level means dustproof, waterproof, indoor and outdoor use without influence.

4. Forklift warning light of a variety of flash mode is adjustable, and can be applied to different environments. Multi-frequency flash forklift warning light effect is obvious.

Our R&D department keeps innovating and developing new products every year, and we get good feedback once we launch them. All items of our products meet ECE/SAE/RoHS/EMC standards to meet different market standards/regulations. The quality of all our vehicle safety lights is fully guaranteed. The lab is equipped with testing equipment such as lumen test, aging test, UV test, high and low temperature, waterproof, vibration, etc. to ensure high quality for mass production and quick delivery. If you have any need, please feel free to consult.