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What is the Difference Between Surface Mount LED Strobe Lightbar and Recessed Strobe Light?

The correct choice of emergency vehicle lights is one of the most important factors when preparing your emergency vehicle for future tasks. Lights and auditory alarms are essential to remind other road users of your presence, and to increase visibility or navigate in areas with heavy traffic, whether patrolling or taking care of victims. Either way, surface mounted LED strobe lightbars and hidden strobe are the two most common solutions.

While you may have heard of surface mounted LED strobe lightbars and hidden strobe, knowing which solution suits your needs is another challenge. Before making a calculated decision, you need to know all of the following information.

1. Similarities between surface mounted LED strobe lightbars and hidden strobe lights

It is also important to understand the similarities between the two types of emergency lights before looking at the differences between them. In addition to the common main purpose of improving road visibility in various jobs, these two types of lighting solutions use LED lights to increase efficiency and brightness, and improve versatility or users.

Both solutions have a variety of options offered by different manufacturers. They can all be programmed to work with other emergency vehicle lights to optimize performance. At the same time, surface mounted LED strobe lightbars and hidden strobe lights use a variety of colors and lighting modes.

In most cases, LED accessories will apply to all standard and popular warning colors, including red, white, blue, amber, and green. Steady lights, flashing, and alternating flashing colors are just some of the results you can choose from. The exact function varies from product to product, so people who buy emergency lights are advised to check the specifications of any selected product.

2. Surface mounted LED strobe lights and hidden strobe lights

Although their basic principles are the same, surface mounted LED and hidden LED are two completely different emergency vehicle lights. Therefore, it is important to learn more about each option before making the right decision for your vehicle. This is all you need to know about their unique characteristics.

Hidden strobe lights are small and powerful LED lights that are almost impossible to detect unless you know them. They are located next to the standard lights in the settings and then provide a strong strobe when they are finally needed. Once turned on, they increase visibility and produce powerful light in the right direction, while still providing powerful versatility.

They can be mounted on the surface, but they are usually fixed in headlights or taillights because this makes them inconspicuous when needed. Versatility is also reflected in the fact that you can choose a range of flash modes and that easy installation means that the safety flashing lights for vehicles can be guaranteed to work on any vehicle. At the same time, by using flanges, you can fix them on any plane of the vehicle.